Receive A Full Comprehensive Understanding Of Firearms & Self-Defense

No Drill Sergeant Boot Camp Mentality

Offering over 50 courses, Front Sight is the premier firearms and self defense training destination for civilian as well as military and law enforcement who desire a comfort of skill at arms and personal defense. With the completion of Phase III development, Front Sight will soon be the worlds first Vacation Resort Training Destination of it's kind! 

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Feel confident carrying your concealed firearm

The Intructors at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute have the skills and experience needed to help you learn how to properly present and shoot your firearm. Each course features lectures on a variety of topics, including:

  • Moral and ethical decisions on the use of deadly force
  • Color code of mental awareness
  • Criminal and civil liability
  • Malfunction clearing
  • Speed and tactical reloading

Choose the right defensive handgun training course for your needs.

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